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Deal Finder

The Deal Finder is a PC-based product developed for deal analysis and  partnership opportunity identification in the pharmaceutical industry. The Deal Finder's database contains more than 4,000 deals with press releases and summary information on the terms of the deal. The deals extend over  1985 - 2002 with the majority from 1995 onwards. Deals can be searched by date, size, company, type, disease, technology, and stage at signing. Convenient charts and data exporting features facilitate the speed and accuracy of the analysis.

The deals database also contains information on more than 1,000 licensing/collaboration opportunities with a description of the offering and contact information as supplied by the pharmaceutical/biotech companies.

The Deal Finder database is updated on quarterly basis.

See Deal Finder Presentation.

For additional information please email: bayser@bayser.com


“One of the brightest individuals that I've met in my career. JP has an incredible skill regarding simplifying issues, and preparing presentations for senior management." -- Director, Large Pharmaceutical Company

“Extremely brilliant and gets it right away.” --Director, Large Pharmaceutical Company

“Very professional!” --VP, Large Medical Devices Company

“JP and I are a great team. I get all kinds of ideas and he gets them implemented.” --VP, Large Pharmaceutical Company

“Always does quality work.” --Director, Large Medical Devices Company

"The amount of knowledge that they bought, not only about their tools but about the industry & tool applications.” --Market Researcher, Large Pharmaceutical Company

“I am very pleased with Bayser’s work. ” --Director, Large Diagnostics Company

“A real guru at Excel. Taught me everything I know about spreadsheets.” --Account Manager, Large Diagnostics Company

Reaction to a demo of Bayser’s Rx Tracker: “I am having an out-of-body experience right now.” --VP, Large Pharmaceutical Company



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