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Patient-Level Targeting

On of the most advanced applications of patient-level data is Molecular Targeting.

Molecular targeting allows identifying and targeting not only individual physicians but also tightly connected physician molecules. Molecular targeting leverages connections between different physicians and enables pharmaceutical sales representatives to influence high writers by targeting most influential physicians in the molecule.

Instead of targeting physicians on an individual-by-individual basis, Molecular Targeting approach recognizes physicians constantly interact with each other and therefore targets groups of physicians in one fell swoop. The expression “molecular targeting” underscores the fact it is the molecule (tightly bonded group of physicians) and not the atom (individual physician) that takes center stage. Such an approach requires an accurate mapping of the working relationships that exist among physicians (sociogram) and as a result has been out of reach until recently. Thanks to the advent of patient-level data the marketer can now map out working relationships among physicians by tracking the movement of patients across different healthcare givers.

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