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Bayser Publications, Conferences and Tutorials


"Peers of Influence", by Jean-Patrick Tsang PhD MBA (INSEAD), Medical Marketing and Media, Feb 2004

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"Distilling Influence Networks and Referral Patterns from Patient-Level Data", by Jean-Patrick Tsang PhD MBA (INSEAD) and Igor Rudychev PhD, Product Management Today, April 2003.

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"Hospital to Home - Leveraging Hospital-Retail Spillover", by Jean-Patrick Tsang PhD MBA (INSEAD), Pharmaceutical Executive, July 2003 

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"Patient Data Come of Age", by Jean-Patrick Tsang PhD MBA (INSEAD), Pharmaceutical Executive, May 2003 and The International Pharmaceutical Review 2003, pp. 132-135

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"Patient-Level Data: A New Level of Analysis", by Jean-Patrick Tsang PhD MBA (INSEAD), Pharma Marketing News, Vol. 2, No. 7, July 2003

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“Sales Territory Alignment Key to Marketing Success”, by Jean-Patrick Tsang PhD MBA (INSEAD), Drug Marketing, Vol. 4 No. 10, Mar 13, 2002.




“Micromarketing An Individual Approach”, by Jean-Patrick Tsang PhD MBA (INSEAD), Pharmaceutical Executive, Dec 2001.

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“Endowing Reasoning Capability to Matching/Scrubbing Algorithm”, by Jean-Patrick Tsang PhD MBA (INSEAD) and Igor Rudychev PhD, Journal of Data Warehousing, October 2002.




     “Sales Force Strategy”, by Jean-Patrick Tsang PhD MBA (INSEAD), Pharmaceutical Representative, Feb 2002.





     “Building sociograms of physicians using upstream targeting”, IIR Conference, Sheraton Rittenhouse Square Hotel, Philadelphia, PA Feb 24-26, 2004 (co-presentation with Sepracor).

     “Challenges and opportunities involved in deploying patient-level data in pharmaceutical companies”, CBI 2nd annual conference, Philadelphia, PA June 3-3, 2004.

     “Patient-Level Data - Leverage emerging data to mazimize market potential”, Organizer and chairman of conference with CBI, Philadelphia, PA, June 5-6 2003.

     “Anonymous Patient-Level Data - Leverage emerging data to mazimize market potential”, Organizer and Chairman of conference with CBI, Philadelphia, PA, Nov 16-17 2003.

     “CRM Analytics”, Round Table Champion, "E-Pharma Summit", Baltimore, MD, May 13-15 2003.

“Form Strategic Alliances to Support the Lifecycle Plan”, CBI’s Pharmaceutical Product Lifecycle Strategies, Capital Hilton, Washington DC, November 15-16, 2001.

     “How to harness the power of Patient-Level Data”, workshop leader, Med Ad News Conference on Pharmaceutical Marketing Partnerships, New York, NY, April 19-21, 2004.

“Identifying KOL's for MSL's", PEA conference on "Best Practices for Medical Science Liaisons", Allertown Crown Plaza, Chicago, June 25, 2004.

     “Optimizing the use of Patient-Level Data to enhance your marketing capabilities”, chairman and leader of pre-conference workshop "Introduction to classical and advanced patient-level analyses", PEA Conference, Park Hyatt, Philadelphia, PA, March 22-23, 2004.

     “Nail down true ROI”, PMC 2003 Washington DC, Oct 2003 (co-presentation with Sanofi).

     “Forecasting by combining multiple viewpoints”, PMRG Seminar on Forecasting, Fairfield NJ, Nov 11-13, 2002.

     “Identification of Influencers using Patient-Level Data”, PMRG Fall 2003, San Diego, Sep 21-23, 2003.

  “Building GIGO-Free Response Models”, 2002 PMSA Conference, New Orleans, April 28 – May 1, 2002.

     “Measuring Hospital-Retail Spillover: Bridging and Holistic Techniques”, 2003 PMSA, Orlanda, FL, May 4-7, 2003.

   “Increasing your deal making IQ by looking at what others did”, SRI’s 6th Int’l Pharma & Biotech Licensing Deal-Making Summit, Coronado Courtyard, San Diego, Jan 28-30, 2002.

    “Promotion-Response Models to Optimize your Portfolio”, SRI’s 3rd Rx & Biotech Portfolio Management Conference, Hyatt Hotel in Penn Landing, Philadelphia, Mar 25-27, 2002.

Lectures & Training Workshops


    Segmentation and Targeting

    Decision Making under Uncertainty

    Sales Force Effectiveness and Managed Care Contracts

    Patient-Level Data - Overview and Analyses

    Simulated Annealing and Genetic Algorithm: The SAGA


  • Daily Deal, Dec 19 2001, “Novocell gets $5M for diabetes research”

“Jean-Patrick Tsang, a consultant with Bayser Consulting in Skokie, Ill., an advisor to medical and biotech startups, was a bit less sanguine about Novocell's future. "What they are trying to do with a new cure for diabetes is a mammoth undertaking and so, while their new partner appears to have the expertise, they need to grow, and they probably need a lot more money to pull it off."

  • Daily Deal,  June 12 2002, “Enanta tackles drug-resistant bacteria”

“Chicago consulting firm Bayser Consulting estimates that the macrolide antibiotics market alone is worth $2.7 billion, considering Pfizer Inc.'s Zithromax antibiotic and Abbott Laboratories' Biaxin.”  


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