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Rx Tracker

The Rx Tracker is a PC-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) product that helps pharmaceutical sales representatives and District Managers perform the following tasks:

  • Manage Territory Resources (Physicians and Hospitals)

  • Navigate within the Territory

  • Consolidate Targeting, Reporting, and Analyses:  

  • Include analyses of all monthly reports

  • Integrate detailing and sampling promotion activity

  • Build daily call list through visual queries

  • Display physicians on a map

  • Perform route planning

The Rx Tracker can be used as a stand-alone software or can be integrated with existing Siebel products. You will enjoy this visual, intuitive and extremely easy-to-use product.


To schedule a demo or get additional information, contact us at: bayser@bayser.com



“One of the brightest individuals that I've met in my career. JP has an incredible skill regarding simplifying issues, and preparing presentations for senior management." -- Director, Large Pharmaceutical Company

“Extremely brilliant and gets it right away.” --Director, Large Pharmaceutical Company

“Very professional!” --VP, Large Medical Devices Company

“JP and I are a great team. I get all kinds of ideas and he gets them implemented.” --VP, Large Pharmaceutical Company

“Always does quality work.” --Director, Large Medical Devices Company

"The amount of knowledge that they bought, not only about their tools but about the industry & tool applications.” --Market Researcher, Large Pharmaceutical Company

“I am very pleased with Bayser’s work. ” --Director, Large Diagnostics Company

“A real guru at Excel. Taught me everything I know about spreadsheets.” --Account Manager, Large Diagnostics Company

Reaction to a demo of Bayser’s Rx Tracker: “I am having an out-of-body experience right now.” --VP, Large Pharmaceutical Company



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