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Bayser Physician Databases

1. Physician Group Practices

2. Physician Hospital Affiliations

3. Physician Managed Care Affiliations

In additional to Group Practices, Hospital and Managed care affiliations Bayser Physician Database contains most recent addresses, phone numbers, subspecialties and other information  for up to 700,000 practicing physicians. For each physician we have office, group practice and hospital addresses. Our physician addresses are business and not home addresses. Each address is verified using information from all major Managed Care Plans. Plans know where check goes. In additional to that Bayser Physician Database captures the fact that physician could be affiliated with more than one Group Practice.

Here at Bayser we found a unique way to combine dozens of different physician databases. The tool that performs this task is Bayser Fuzzy Matcher, advanced software that uses Artificial Intelligence techniques, Fuzzy Logics and even endowed with reasoning capabilities (See October 2002 issue of Journal of Data Warehousing).


To request additional info about Bayser Physician Database call us at (847) 920-1000, or send us an email at bayser@bayser.com. 

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