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Line of Therapy

A line of therapy expresses the sequence of therapies a patient undergoes. It does not correspond to a fixed amount of time. Indeed, a patient may be put on Drug A and Drug B for say 38 days as second line of therapy but for say 27 days on Drug A and Drug C still as second line of therapy. Note: in both cases, the patient is started on Drug A as first line of therapy.

Path of Therapy Analysis takes into account the following:

  • For each therapy, the frequency distribution of days the patient stays on therapy as well as the average days on therapy.
  • Describes the path of therapy when Drug A, for instance, is used as first line.
  • Modifies the path of therapy to include "Continues On," which signifies the patient stuck to the same therapy.
    • For example, Say a patient starts on Drug A as first line of therapy and does not change therapy thereafter.
    • That is represented by a "Continues On Drug A" in the second line of therapy, underscoring the fact that the patient's treatment is limited to the first line of therapy, namely, Drug A.

Example Path of Therapy Chart