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Example of the Analysis using Oncology Databases


WK/NDC Non-retail: NDC Non-Retail contains non-retail sales information on 6,535 hospitals.

National Consortium of Breast Centers: National Consortium of Breast Centers, Inc, an organization of breast professionals, breast centers, providers of services to care providers and corporations that supply equipment and pharmaceuticals to care providers. Contains information on 493 facilities.

Association of American Cancer Institutes: Association of American Cancer Institute's member listing of academic and free-standing cancer centers.

US Oncology Facilities: US Oncology network of 510 facilities (Oncology centers and Pharmacies) concentrated main in the South.

Procedures and Diagnosis: Individual patient discharge records for 100% of Medicare reimbursed discharges. Data is from HCFA Expanded Modified MEDPAR-Hospital Beneficiary Encrypted File. Records cover all Medicare beneficiaries who were inpatients at any approved Medicare provider hospital. Over 12 million hospital stay records were recorded during this period. This includes over 75 million diagnoses and 16 million procedures. In total, 2.1 million diagnoses and 2.6 million procedures are in the database.

SDI/Verispan/SMG Hospital Database: The database contains information on 6,628 hospitals.

Long Term Care/Home Health Care: Listing of long term care(LTC) and home health care facilities from Case Management Resource Guide.


WK/NDC Source Prescriber: NDC Source Prescriber contains information on the prescribing activity of individual physicians.

US Oncology Physicians: US Oncology network of facilities and physicians.

AMA Oncologists: American Medical Association listing of 1,842 member oncologists.

Influential and Key Oncologists: List of top 200 Key or Influential Oncologists.

ASTRO: American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology listing of members. Contains 5,261 member physicians.

ASCO: American Society of Clinical Oncology listing of member physicians. Contains 10,929 member physicians.

Doctor Directory: Online listing of oncologists in the Doctor Directory. Contains 3,170 oncologists.

Other Physician Databases


Sales Force: General description of sales forces for each company and drugs they promote. 

ICD-9: International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision, coding assignment for diagnoses and procedures associated with hospital utilization. 

Pipeline and Existing Drugs: Listing of drugs by company awaiting FDA approval or in clinical trials. Listing is from “Bayser Look-See Pipeline” and includes approximately 6,000 drugs.


Bayser Projected Oncology Cases: Starting with the NCI SEER data for cancer sites in 214 US counties, Bayser extrapolated the total number of cancer cases and rates for all US counties using the Census data. The extrapolation is done by performing a regression analysis for each cancer site and grouping the population by race, age, and sex.

National Cancer Institute: National Cancer Institute's Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER)* data showing cancer cases (by site) for 214 US counties.

US Census: US Census data for all 3141 counties categorized by race, age, and sex.